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402 Productions: Live Review & Photos Fang Island at Great American Music Hall 8/7/12

Fang Island has been on a constant national tour in support of their latest album, Major. As Fang Island would most likely admit, their music is best served live with sprinkles of high five participation and the occasional push made from the mosh pit.

Fang Island played The Great American Music Hall two years prior to this date, opening for Red SparowesBack then, “Chompers” was better known as that song they play to the kindergarteners and “Seek It Out” had one less solo than what is featured currently on Major. This time around, the room was crowded for those who have escaped to Fang Island. by Nick Wan

Fang Island’s set featured the majority of Major, with the other portion of the set coming from their self-titled release. No zany covers this time around, San Francisco. Just some guitar rock and a handful of dancing in the pit. No kids leaving with frowns this night. Disneyland wasn’t the only happiest place on Earth.

All photos by David Wajsfelner See Full Slide Show HERE.

Album Reviews: From The 405 & 402 Productions for Fang Island’s Major

An enigmatic fist pump, a rapturous applause, a shiny star on the front of your homework, Major by Fang Island is a victory for not taking yourself too seriously and for remembering that the roots of adulthood maturity are buried in childhood innocence. It’s also a reminder that the best songs are sometimes simply the ones that have the guitar playing as loud as possible.

The success of this album is it’s honesty. We are never over-promised anything by Fang Island, so when they over-deliver on several tracks, it’s a delight. The opener, ‘Kindergarten’, is a jaunty piano loop under which foreboding melodies rise and break before singer Jason Bartell ushers us into the band’s new album. So we take our seats, cross-legged on the floor, ready for whatever is about to be thrown at us. Major never runs out of steam, and manages to shift up the gears just at the right times, and those worried about the adjusted dynamic of the band (certainly vocals are much more prominent on this release), Fang Island manage to change it up at regular intervals throughout, keeping everything fresh as it hits our eager ears. Album highlight ‘Seek It Out’ reverberates with feelings of picking up a guitar for the first time and trying to play that rock song you saw on Top of the Pops once, where ‘Never Understand’ takes what would otherwise be a fairly standard piece of indie-pop, and overlays the melody with punchy guitar riffs, which keeps the song from feeling tired as it buoys along throughout.

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402 Productions The Video Interviews

402 Productions thought it would be really funny to mash up our interview with tour mates Red Sparowes, and after hearing it we would agree. But i guess you had to be there…

or you can hear the whole interview without those Red Sparowes cats all up in this piece

Interview with 402 Productions


"The current pride of Brooklyn, Fang Island, has had many ups and downs in the past few weeks. I don’t even know if you could write it like it has happened: Fang Island got a new van, released their first full length album, began preparing for their upcoming national support tour… then had their van stolen, found again, and are still on track to make it to their shows on time, all the while gaining universal praise for their album. Our interviewing machine Shane “Dufus” Kalantari sheds some light on the friends that compose Fang Island. “